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Commercial and Portrait Photographer, Joshua Freedman is a lover of the light. Based in Los Angeles, his bold, moody and high contrast imagery has become his most recognizable work. 

Working with a vast clientele, Joshua has captured impactful imagery for Master Distillers, seasoned bartenders, corporate professionals, yoga instructors and teen athletes in addition to working with branding and creative conceptual work.

His work has been featured across numerous social media pages, company websites and published works such as Photographer's Forum- Best of Photography, Tasting Panel, Forbes and Archinect.

Joshua loves working through the concept to help bring a fresh perspective to each new shoot.


"Working with my clients to understand what they are looking for and then delivering a product that far exceeds their expectations is the greatest part of this business."


Now available for bookings, please visit the contact page and thanks for visiting... Cheers!

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