The Photography of Joshua B. Freedman

Behind the Lens- Behind the Process

Thank you for visiting my site... I am a professional photographer residing in Southern California. For over 10 years, I have devoted my love of unique and inspiring images to my "Capturing Time" long exposure and Fine Art Landscape Photography.

Over the last few years, I have transitioned and focused my passion on creating Portraitures that continue to tell stories- giving a specific personalization to the images. It is my objective to do my best to understand the world in which my subject lives and to create and capture that life through a well- thought- through combination of lighting, background and composition. 

In addition to Portrait work, I love to conceptualize and create unique texture and commercial images. With an array of colors as well as a drive towards imagination, I can customize almost any idea from colors and patterns to the surreal to be used as environmental graphics, websites, branding, etc.

With my clients, prior to the shoot I like to have a nice one on one conversation to build rapport and collaborate- to talk through what it is that we are collectively trying to create and capture with these images.

Whether it is a fully engaged setup inside of a real location, a studio or outdoor lifestyle portrait, I come fully prepared with a wide selection of lights, modifiers and reflectors to ensure that all lighting needs are met to capture the mood we are after.

The creative process is at the heart of my passion. I value each shoot just as unique as the client is. Please visit my contact page and feel free to contact me with any /all inquires and booking needs. Cheers!